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Stonnall History Group


Stonnall Wake

The village's annual festival, known as Stonnall Wake, took place on the first Sunday after St Peter's Day (June 29). It is believed that the festival ceased after the outbreak of the Second World War. This photo shows the participants gathering outside the Royal Oak, which was the usual assembly point.

Comments on this item
Liz Daly
Does anyone know what route the procession took?
Gordon Mycock
The only procession that I remember for sure and I was actually on it about 1937, that started outside the Royal Oak travelled up main street to Chester road turned left along the road (no traffic in those days) then left into Gravelly Lane left into Church Road straight on to main street through the village to the Stockhold field for the festivities. however I understand that also they did a shorter route straight from the Royal Oak to the stockhold field.
Liz Daly
Thanks Gordon. Could you tell me which is the Stockhold field please?
Julian Ward-Davies
It's probably easier to show a graphic of where it is. I'll post one to this page later.
Liz Daly
Thanks Julian.
A Unique Photo - The Village Pond

This is a sight for sore eyes for those of us who have long memories. It is, of course, the long lost village pond that used to be opposite the Manor House on Main Street. This quite unique photo was shared by Kath Judson. Thanks Kath for helping us preserve a memory that had almost disappeared.

Comments on this item
Gordon Mycock
Thanks Kath for a great photo it must have been taken shortly before it being filled in. The overgrown forefront which was a ramp where I have seen farm equipment being washed off and in the far left hand corner , the dark patch is the sluice gate and overflow into the brook.
A Postcard from Canada, 1895

This postcard was sent from somebody called Bott in Canada to George Leadbetter of Leigh Cottage, Stonnall in 1895. The subject seems to be the conclusion of a property deal. More will be known when the card has been fully transcribed.

The Botts are known to have been blacksmiths in Upper and Lower Stonnall and to have occupied the smithy and smith's house on Main Street. It is possible that the sale involved that property.

Comments on this item
Gill Hyde
What a novel way of finding more space to write when you have run out of space!
The Lee Family, 1901

This is an extract from the 1901 Census for Stonnall. It relates to a property listed as 'Farm near church', which one assumes is a reference to Thornes Hall Farm, opposite the Old Vicarage. The extract lists five members of the Lee family, Benjamin and Eliza (parents), with two daughters Eliza and Lucy and one son Albert. A servant, Mary Birch, is also listed.

Albert was born in 1889 and with information known about the names of his sisters, Pamela Ramsell has been able to confirm that this Albert was her grandfather.

Stonnall Schoolkids, 1930

Stonnall schoolkids at a fete in about 1930. Seated in the centre: Dora Brown, 11, who had been selected as the Fairy Queen. The location is unknown, but it is likely to have been Lynn House, where it is known that fetes of this type were once held regularly.

Dora Brown (1918-2006) was related to the local land-owning family of the same name and, at the time, lived in a house, now demolished, on Chester Road near the Plough and Harrow.

Rev and Mrs Downes

These are the full-length photos of Rev and Mrs Downes. He is wearing his academic Bachelor of Arts gown rather than any church vestments, perhaps in keeping with Stonnall's Low Church tradition. The photos appear to have been taken in a studio.

The Busby Cottage

This is the so-called 'Busby cottage' that used to be in Wall Heath Lane until it was demolished some time in the 60s or 70s. This photo appears to have been taken at around the turn of the 19th/20th century.

Maria Parsons Downes

This is a photograph of the second wife of Rev James Downes, Maria Parsons Downes. This was also shared by Rosemary Graves.

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