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Stonnall History Group


The White Family, c1908

The White family pictured in around 1908 behind 95 Main Street, Stonnall. From the left, Elizabeth, John, Mrs Elizabeth White (Pryce), Gwyneth, Frances, Grace, Frank.

Stonnall Artist Commemorated

Desmond Burton has shared this remarkable painting of Wordsley House and Old Chester Road, which was the work of Victor Nicholls, late of Stonnall. The artwork was commissioned in 1969 by Des's parents on the occasion of their Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Vic was an accomplished artist and received the following notice from Rev Ward-Davies in the November 1969 issue of St Peter's Church Magazine:-

"Some of us were privileged to attend recently an exhibition of paintings at the Bull's Eye Gallery, 17 Dean Street, Lichfield, presented by Victor Nicholls, Jackie Gottschalk and John Parfitt.

"Mr Nicholls of Cartersfield Lane is a self-taught artist, who paints mainly landscapes. The strength of Mr Nicholls's work is his deep love for the countryside in which he has spent his whole life, and seen it change around him, but his memory vividly recaptures youthful impressions.

"He is an inspired artist who would like to be able to paint full-time. Having exhibited in London and at the Paris Salon three times (where he was awarded the Silver Medal in 1967 for his landscape 'The Stranger'), he deserves more recognition in the Midlands. We are very proud of him and hope in the near future his work will be more widely appreciated."

Comments on this item
David Hill
My parents have a lovely painting by Mr Nicholls from about the same period. He painted some horses waiting at a gate in the snow. I recall it being taken somewhere by him for display elsewhere around the country.
Julian Ward-Davies
Is there any chance of us getting a photo, or better still, a scan of the painting David?
Adam Nicholls
I have a few paintings too passed down from his daughter Jennifer, my aunty.
A Stonnall Excursion to Rhyl, 1945

Four young men on a day trip to Rhyl in 1945. From the left, Ivon Wright, Ron Harris, Gordon Mycock, Ray Platt.

Season's Greetings

Happy New Year to all members and visitors.

A Photo from 1925

Dot Smith, aged 18 months (now 90), pictured in Moor Lane, Footherley, with Mrs Gill in 1925.

New Article: Stonnall Women's Institute in the War Years, 1939-45

With the co-operation of Stonnall WI, we now have a new article about the activities of the group during the Second World War. Their logbooks from the period have brought to light a number of interesting facts, such as the date of the arrival of evacuees from Margate.

You can read all about it with this link to the article, Stonnall Women's Institute - The War Years.

Hoeing the Spuds

Alan Ramsell doing a bit of hoeing in a Cartersfield Lane field in the early 1960s. I wonder who those kids were.

You can read all about Alan and Pamela's recollections of Old Stonnall with this link to their article, Stonnall in the Old Days.

Stonnall People

These ladies are Elizabeth White (left) and Louisa Scott, pictured in the 1930s. In the 1870s, Louisa went to the National School that used to be by the church. Elizabeth White was the mother-in-law of Daisy White (Hopley), who was a domestic at the vicarage in the 1950s.

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