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Stonnall History Group


Stonnall School Roof Tiles Located

Some of the roof tiles recovered from the demolition of Stonnall School have been located. They were used to retile part of the roof of the barn at Laurels Farm, Lower Stonnall before it was converted to a dwelling (shown here on the left).

MP Visits Stonnall Time Team

Stonnall's MP, Christopher Pincher (pictured centre above) visited the dig today, Sept 29, to observe proceedings with Cllr David Smith. Mr Pincher expressed his delight that local activists are exploring the history of the area. He also took a great deal of interest in the historical antecedents that led to the exploration of the site.

Stonnall MP Will Visit Site, Time Permitting

Stonnall's MP, Christopher Pincher will be in the village this Saturday, Sept 29 for his surgery. Cllr David Smith has said that he will arrange for Mr Pincher to visit the archaeological dig at about 13.15, time permitting in a tight schedule.

Crop Marks Show Signs of Human Habitation

An old (1960s) aerial photo (shown above) has recently come to light that shows prima facie evidence of human habitation, probably dating back to the Iron Age. The field was commonly known as Pinfold Piece and previously as Chapel-yard Close. It is the field where we have been investigating the Lost Chapel of Stonnall. Look for crop marks in the triangular field, which seem to indicate round houses and trackways.

Lost Chapel Dig to Resume

The archaeological investigation of the Lost Chapel site will resume this Saturday, 29 Sept, weather permitting. Please would all volunteers assemble at the field at 10am. If the weather forecast for the day is not reasonably good, the event will be postponed until the next day or the following weekend. At the moment, the weather outlook for Saturday is good, but keep your eye on the forecast. Hopefully we will encounter some more finds such as the one depicted above, the 17th century buckle.

Steve Uncovers Unique Photo

History activist, Steve Hickman has uncovered a unique photo of Harry Hastilow's chicken farm. The photo is shown above. The farm used to be next to the old school, which is also shown in the background, at the eastern end of Main Street. The photo is believed to have been taken in 1958 from the direction of Leigh Cottage.

Group Members Ascend Grove Hill

Following our meeting in the Old Swan on Sept 22, some group members climbed to the top of Grove Hill - some of them for the first time in around 70 years. The beech tree is in good condition and the views from the summit of the hill are quite magnificent. Some beech nuts were recovered and it is hoped that they can be germinated.

Hopley Beginnings

Pauline Blakemore has shared this photo of William Hopley, b 1870. He married Susannah Jones of the Royal Oak and so began a long association of the Hopley name with that public house.

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