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Stonnall History Group


New article - The Pinglefield Murders

The Pinglefield Murders occurred in Shenstone in 1929 after a farm labourer, Henry Sims, appeared to have a psychotic breakdown. This resulted in the tragic deaths of three innocent people including a child and the suicide of the perpetrator. Read more by taking this link.

New article - Alan and Peg Heywood

Alan was a very talented illustrator and Peg was active in Stonnall Women's Institute for many years. Read more by taking this link.

New article - On the Road

Julian describes his experiences while working on the construction of the new motorways, the M6 and the Aston Expressway in the late 1960s. Read more by taking this link.

New article - Vic Nicholls, Stonnall Artist

Vic Nicholls was a very talented Stonnall-based artist, who was active in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, with success in London and Paris. Read more by taking this link.

Brain-Teaser Puzzle Game

This new game gives you a very generous 5 minutes to sort the letters of our favourite subject after they have been jumbled up. Play the game here.

Stonnall School Staff, 1920

A photo found in an old album at an auction shows the staff at St Peter's School, Stonnall, in 1920. Hopefully, we will be able to identify these teachers eventually.

Concealed Shoe Found at the Manor House

A shoe has been found hidden under some floorboards at the Manor House, Stonnall. It is believed to be an example of the Concealed Shoe custom.

It is an infant's shoe, probably a girl's and shows signs of wear and tear. It has two pearl buttons.

Judging by its style, wear and manufacture, it appears to have been made in about 1860 and possibly hidden about 20 years later.

The Wright family was resident at the house for most of the 19th century.

There were five daughters, the youngest of whom was Edith, who was born in 1873 or 1874. Assuming she was the last of the girls to wear the shoe, that she ceased to wear it at about the age of 3 and that the shoe was hidden shortly afterwards, concealment would have taken place in the late 1870s.

Comments on this item
Julian Ward-Davies
Northampton Museum keeps a register of concealed shoes. A total of 1,900 examples have been recorded from the UK with several more notified from North America, Europe and Australia. I contacted the Historic Environment Record Officer at Staffordshire County Council and she replied that this is, as far as they know, the only example of a concealed shoe to be found in the county. So it really is a notable find.
Shenstone Railway Station, 1917

Shenstone Railway Station, as seen from the Shenstone village side, as it was 33 years after it was opened in 1884.

It was originally intended to serve the extension of the London and North Western Railway between Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield. It is now part of the Cross City Line between Redditch and Lichfield Trent Valley.

The photo is remarkable for the absence of housing around the station.

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